Just sold- the story behind a sale.

Recently an individual reached out to me and asked that I come and estimate the sales value of his in-law’s brand-new, never lived in before, modest Jerusalem apartment. The apartment, in what’s considered as ‘prime location’ in Southern Jerusalem, in Arnona on the border with the prestigious Bak’a neighborhood, was just weeks after being turned over to the owners from the developer. My clients had bought this apartment as an investment about 5 years earlier and were now ready to cash-in on their 1 bedroom, ground floor, wheelchair accessible apartment.

Following my initial visit, I presented the client with a sales strategy, as well as a market analysis and a realistic price which I thought they could potentially ask for. At last, we agreed on the terms and conditions, and I rolled up my sleeves and went to work:

Photography, video, Facebook marketing and a substantial online presence – all went into the marketing strategy. Along came the buyer who reached out through Facebook- he was looking to purchase a property for his daughter as an investment and gain some passive income. A bit of negotiating went on, agreement on price- and within about 2 weeks from the time the apartment was listed, it was off the market and a contract was in the making. The sellers made a substantial profit while the buyers were happy with the real estate investment they were aiming for – a NIS 5,000 a month, long term rental in an excellent location.

Mazal tov to all – happy seller, happy buyer – my business is done here. I love it when a plan comes together. I love it when people trust me to help them attain the best possible deal for them, especially as sellers in today’s crazy real estate market.

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