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As a real estate agent in Jerusalem since 2005, I live and breathe real estate. My central focus is on Jerusalem’s central neighborhoods; however, rest assured I know the rest of the city very well, too.

I was not born a real estate agent – my life’s personal and professional journeys have brought me to this profession. After several years of serving as an official emissary for the Jewish Agency in the United States, during which time I had the wonderful privilege of assisting hundreds of individuals and families make Aliyah, I continued my passion for escorting people to their home – this time for those wishing to make their home in Jerusalem. In this field of real estate sales I am able to utilize my interpersonal skills; communication with people, creating trust with my clients, optimism and a little bit of insight into the human soul. I believe with all my heart that the real estate agent’s mission isn’t to sell someone a piece of property, but rather to serve as matchmaker between the client and a property until they fall in love, and then to produce the wedding…

We, as people, are so very different from one another – what might be a huge advantage in an apartment for one person, might be an enormous disadvantage for another. The name of the game, as I see it, is knowing the real estate market and having a good connection with my clients. You know what that looks like? When potential clients are looking to buy: it all begins with my listening very closely to my clients. After understanding what they really want, I discuss with them what is available within their budget and then we embark on a journey which ends with finding their dream home. When my clients are sellers and would like me to help them market their property, we together appraise the value of the property, after which I put it on the market on various and different platforms until it is sold to the satisfaction of the client. In other words, I am very attentive to the client’s needs (buyers or sellers) and operate accordingly.

I understand very well that either buying or selling an apartment is a process which takes precious and limited resources such as time and money, and involves different emotions – I’m here for you to navigate all these and bring about the best and most efficient deal possible for you. My many clients will testify that I am highly professional, sensitive and patient and able to understand what my clients are going through. My duties as a real estate agent do not end once the property is found – negotiating with the other parties involved, working with engineers, appraisers and attorneys is no simple skill. You’ll need someone like me in your corner – professional, assertive, honest, experienced and creative in order to bring your deal to a successful closing.

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Karni found excellent apartments for my daughter and her family and for me in May and August. She explained everything clearly and with patience. She understood what we were looking for and did not waste our time showing us apartments that she felt were not appropriate. She was with us from beginning to end. 5 stars! Full service!
by Linda Yitzchak
Olah Chadasha, Arnona
Karni was an absolute pleasure to work with. She listened to our needs and was able to help us find the ideal new home for us! She is extremely professional, kind, easy to work with, responsive and an overall pleasure! Highly recommended.
by Nicole Grubner
FINN Partners, Arnona
Karni has been a friend for years but only recently did I have the opportunity to work with her professionally. I saw how passionately she cares about her clients needs and well being and finding what's best for them, and how hard she works to get it.
by Prof. Yehudah Mirsky
Author, Judaic Studies Department, Brandeis University
Karni is amazing! I called her right after I made Aliyah. I knew I wanted to live in Arnona. She was so warm and energetic from our first conversation. She listened attentively to my description of the apartment that I wanted, including price range. She showed me a variety of apartments and found me one that I love! Karni always answered my calls and texts within an hour when I called her with questions. I highly recommend Karni for your rental and buying needs!
by Linda Abrams
Olah Hadasha, Resident of Arnona
Karni is not only an amazing professional, she is a wonderful and attentive person. Her diligence and dedication make the experience of finding the apartment or the potential buyer easy and pleasant. Karni found me a buyer for my previous apartment, and I gained a friend! Highly recommend
by Efrat Ben Arza
Coolest Jerusalem Woman
I’ll always be grateful to you for convincing me to consider the apartment at the bottom of the hill on Kurtz.
by NP

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