What are your fees as a real estate agent?

By law, the fee of a real estate agent for the sale of a property is 2% of the final closing price, + VAT. For rent the fee is 1 month’s rent + VAT.

What is Arnona property tax?

Arnona is a city tax which allows the local municipality to afford services which the public enjoys – electricity, gardening, sewer, sanitation and more). The rates of the arnona tax are determined according to whereabouts of the property, its size, the tenant’s financial status and more.

How is the Va’ad Bayit determined?

Va’d Bayit fees are paid by the tenants to the building’s association, and they serve the general up-keeping of the building’s property, the surrounding and so on.

How do I get a professional’s opinion on the apartment I’m interested in buying?

I recommend you seek a professional who is trained in locating problems or issues in homes/apartments. Such a professional can check and see if the structure is in satisfying condition, if the plumbing is good, electricity up to code and so on.

When buying a home in Israel, what are the additional costs I must consider, besides the home itself?

Agent’s fees are usually 2% + VAT, lawyer’s fees, purchasing tax which is determined by the price of the property and is paid to Israel Land Administration. If your purchase was in Shekels and your bank account is in USD, you’ll have to pay conversion rates as well.

When selling an apartment – what are the most important things to do to insure a speedy and successful process?

List the property at its proper price and allow one agent to be the sole and exclusive handler of the property. Anything else will lead to lost time, added headache and unnecessary complications. Just as you’d trust your car with a licensed car mechanic or your pet with a professional vet, selling your house should always be done by a reliable professional, someone with experience and a good reputation.

I don’t have an Israeli bank account yet – can I rent and pay from my American bank account?

Yes. This is something that can be arranged by the attorney handling the case.

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